Garibaldi Estates Emerging Ideas: Childcare

The District is exploring ‘Emerging Ideas’ as themes to consider as policies are developed for the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Plan. Emerging ideas reflect public input received earlier in this planning process, as well as existing District policies (i.e. Official Community Plan). This page focuses on childcare in the neighbourhood.


  • Opportunities for new childcare facilities in the Garibaldi Estates are limited.
  • Muti-family redevelopment provides important opportunities for new childcare facilities.
  • Community amenity contributions or a density bonus structure are options to encourage childcare.

Emerging Idea: Establish childcare targets for the Garibaldi Estates neighbourhood based on expected land uses. Encourage creation of these childcare spaces through new development as community amenity contributions or using a density bonus structure.

Childcare in Squamish

The Squamish Child Care Needs Assessment identifies accessible, affordable and high-quality childcare as a critical need in the community relevant to the overall affordability situation for families, and a meaningful contributor to social and economic development. The Strategy establishes a “reach” target rate of 30% for access to care (30 spaces per 100 children) and recommends the District set targets for childcare spaces in each neighbourhood.

Childcare Options in the Garibaldi Estates

Currently there are two childcare facilities within the Garibaldi Estates neighbourhood:

  • Discovery Kids Childcare - 2120 Diamond Road
  • Kamp Sonshine Day Care - 2262 Read Cres (Squamish Baptist Church)

Within the Garibaldi Estates there are a limited number of opportunities for new childcare facilities that could be developed under land use scenarios proposed as part of the Neighbourhood Planning Process. These possible opportunities include:

  • Redevelopment of the civic zoned St. Anglican’s Church property at 40285 Diamond Head Rd, as a civic building with expanded uses.
  • A mixed-use redevelopment of Garibaldi Garden Courts at 1951 Garibaldi Way identified in Scenarios A, B and C in the Diamond Head North sub area.
  • A mixed-use development along Diamond Head South sub area identified in land use Scenario C.
  • An amenity provided as part of a townhouse redevelopment on properties over 0.3 ha in the Estates East sub area. These are identified in Scenarios B and C; however, feasibility of a providing a childcare amenity may be challenging given the proposed dedication of 30% of land to agriculture/greenspace or park.
  • Small scale residential childcare facilities in homes throughout the neighbourhood.

Redevelopment that could support childcare facilities provides one of the few opportunities to establish new childcare in the Garibaldi Estates neighbourhood. Multi-family developments provide important opportunities for new childcare facilities.

To encourage the provision of childcare facilities, policies within the neighbourhood plan could prioritize childcare as a community amenity contribution in rezoning applications, or a density bonus structure could be established that is based on the provision of childcare amenities.

Childcare Targets within the Garibaldi Estates

At the conclusion of stage 3 of the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Planning Process, staff will have direction from Council regarding the sub area land use scenarios that are supported for inclusion in a neighbourhood plan. At that time, staff will be able to complete analysis of expected dwelling unit numbers that would be supported by the preferred plan and will be able to establish how many childcare spaces would be require to reach 30% for access to care. These can be established as childcare spaces targets in the neighbourhood plan.