Garibaldi Estates Emerging Ideas: Mamquam Community Garden

The District is exploring ‘Emerging Ideas’ as themes to consider as policies are developed for the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Plan. Emerging ideas reflect public input received earlier in this planning process, as well as existing District policies (i.e. Official Community Plan). This page focuses on a Mamquam community garden in the neighbourhood.


  • The District of Squamish owns land along the north side of Mamquam Road.
  • These lands could host public amenities
  • Establishing community gardens and a pathway aligns with from Squamish Food Policy Council

District of Squamish Land along Mamquam Road

The District of Squamish owns a 10 m wide strip of land along the north side Mamquam Road between east of Garibaldi Way and Glenalder Place. Currently the land supports some landscaping, a number of trees and shrubs, and driveway access to six properties fronting Mamquam Road.

Emerging Idea: Develop District of Squamish owned land along the north side of Mamquam Road as a neighbourhood park incorporating a multi use path, food gardens and public amenities.

Mamquam Road Neighbourhood Amenity Land identified in yellow

Opportunity to Host Public Amenities

The District land along Mamquam Road has the opportunity to host a mix of public amenities such as:

  • Bike lanes and pedestrian routes that are separated from each other and the street
  • Multi Use paths
  • Food Gardens
  • Green infrastructure
  • Shade trees with accessible benches & seating
  • Small plazas and pocket parks
  • Covered public kiosks
  • Public art
  • Portable washrooms and waste receptacles
  • Clearly marked paths and pedestrian linkages
  • Safe crossings and linkages between bike paths
  • Colourful crosswalks

Pathway integrated with community garde
Paint activated crosswalk art
Separated bike lanes and pedestrian routes

Alignment with Squamish Food Policy Council Recommendation

This proposal aligns with recommendations for the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Planning Process made by the Squamish Climate Action Network Food Policy Council is April 2022. This report included the following item:

Mamquam Road: Along the road there is public land that could be set up by Squamish CAN/SFPC and the DoS for a public corridor including active transportation and food gardens. An example of this is the Arbutus Corridor in Vancouver.