Garibaldi Estates Emerging Ideas: Parks and Public Outdoor Space

The District is exploring ‘Emerging Ideas’ as themes to consider as policies are developed for the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Plan. Emerging ideas reflect public input received earlier in this planning process, as well as existing District policies (i.e. Official Community Plan). This page focuses on parks and public outdoor space in the neighbourhood.


  • There are opportunities to create public open space in the Garibaldi Estates that meet the needs of residents. (Section 1)
  • There are opportunities to establish a new neighbourhood park in the southwest area of the Garibaldi Estates. (Section 2)
  • There are opportunities enhance amenities at Pat Goode Park. (Section 3)

Section 1: Create Public Open Space throughout the neighbourhood

Engagement activities for the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood Planning Process highlighted that residents want access to public open space, including:

  1. Communal outdoor space such as pocket parks.
  2. Additional benches and seating areas.
  3. Covered spaces that can be used year-round.
  4. Elements that appeal to a range of ages, including structures geared to older kids.
  5. A dog park.
  6. Activated places for more mature residents
  7. Facilities and spaces designed for teens.
  8. Public washrooms at parks and trailheads.
  9. Public art.

Participants want expanded access to parks and green spaces within the neighbourhood, particularly if more people move into the Garibaldi Estates.

Emerging Idea: Develop high-quality public open space throughout the Garibaldi Estates. Open space can be located on District of Squamish-owned land, along multi-modal paths, on boulevards and front set-back areas, and on or near trails and natural areas, and in parks.

Consider the following features:

  • Pocket parks, parklets and corner plazas.
  • Public park spaces created through multi-family developments.
  • Seating in a variety of locations including sheltered/shaded areas, patios, and transit stops.
  • Landscaping, planters and murals.
  • Community gardens.
  • Public washroom.
  • All-weather covered spaces
  • Bike shelters.
  • Public art (pedestrian infrastructure, lit gathering spaces, indigenous works).

Section 2: Establish a New Neighbourhood Park

Residents would like a new, walkable neighbourhood park. Locating a new park within or near to the southwest corner of the plan area aligns with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (see background information below).

Emerging Idea: Establish a new Neighbourhood Park in the southwest corner of the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood.

Creation of a new municipal park will depend on factors such as available land parcels, development opportunities and funding options. Some options that can be used to establish a new park could include:

  • Acquisition of a portion of a property under consideration for development as part of a rezoning process.
  • Purchase of property funded in part by development cost charges.
  • Purchase of property funded in part by community amenity contributions.
  • Acquisition of land from the provincial government.
  • Utilization of existing municipal land.

If establishment of a neighbourhood park in the southwest corner of the plan area is supported by participants in the planning process, the next stage of the process would involve exploration of various options to secure land for a park, and an implementation process.

Background: The District of Squamish Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2012) looked at access to parks within all Squamish neighbourhoods. The plan included a Park Service Area Map which maps 5- minute or a 10-minute walking distance from existing parks.

Park Service Map: District of Squamish Official Community Plan


The Park Service Area Map indicated that the southwest portion of the Garibaldi Estates Neighbourhood is outside a 10-minute walk from a park. Further analysis of community-wide park space supports a conclusion that the Garibaldi Estates is a neighbourhood with limited access to parks:

“Garibaldi Estates is one of the neighbourhoods with the least amount of parkland. In particular, the southern edge has been identified as an area where residents are beyond a ten-minute walk to a park, although there is access to a large green space in the golf course and surrounding trails. In addition, some of the parks in Garibaldi Estates are located on the interior of a block of houses (“panhandled”), resulting in limited visibility for the community and potential safety/security issues, or they are undevelopable parks that are only suitable for trails (e.g. Coho Park).” (2012 District of Squamish Parks and Recreation Master Plan).

The District of Squamish Parks and Recreation Master Plan includes the following recommendation for the Garibaldi Estates: Add a new “Neighbourhood Park”, if the opportunity arise.

3: Enhance Amenities at Pat Goode Park

The Garibaldi Estates has one existing neighbourhood park. Pat Good Park is located at the northern edge of the neighbourhood. Pat Goode has a large informal lawn area, a playground built in 2008, and a trail connection through the park that connects two cul-de-sacs. The 2012 Parks and Rec Master Plan highlighted that drainage can be improved on the existing grass areas. 

Emerging Idea: Enhance Pat Goode Park by adding some of the following amenities:

  • A covered space that can be used year-round.
  • Additional benches and seating areas.
  • Elements that are intended for older kids (ie. pump track, spray park, etc.)
  • Elements for mature residents such as a fitness circuit, chess tables or picnic areas.
  • Improved parking.