Parks, Institutions and Neighbourhood Services Background

Institutions + Park Space

Institutions and park space are important characteristics of a neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that is well served by a range of services (think doctor’s offices, grocery stores, offices, schools, daycares, parks, etc.) is a desirable goal. By reducing the reliance on a vehicle to complete basic tasks, we can reduce our carbon footprint, increase individual health by choosing alternative transportation forms where possible, and support a strong local economy.

Figure 1. All parcels zoned P-2 (District Assembly) or P-3 (Park and Public Use)


Staff noted in their survey of the Estates that there appears to be few opportunities for childcare (4 locations) and doctor’s offices, while there appears to many dental offices in the area. The area is served by three grocery stores (one large, two small), and many restaurants. There are several fitness opportunities nearby, and many opportunities for religious participation.

Table 1. Estimated access rate to childcare by neighbourhood, from the District of Squamish’s2020 Childcare Access PlanParks

The Estates contains two neighborhood parks (Willow Park and Pat Goode Park), two undeveloped parks (Paco road and Bill’s Place) and two unofficial parks (Squamish Golf Course and Mamquam School Park). The southernmost area of the Estates are identified as needing a new Neighbourhood Park, as it is underserved by both park space and playground space.

Table 2. Inventory of Parks in the Garibaldi Estates

Park Name

Park Classification




Willow Park

Neighbourhood Park

1803 Willow Crescent

Playground, Dog Park


Pat Goode Park

Neighbourhood Park

40422 Cheakamus Way

Playground, Open Space


Bills Place Park

Environmental + Drainage

40178 Bill’s Place



Dedicated Park (Paco)

Environmental + Drainage

Behind Paco Road


Park Crescent (Coho Park)

Neighbourhood Park

Park Cres



Mamquam School Park

Unofficial Park

Mamquam School

Playground, Field

Squamish Golf Course

Unofficial Park

Golf, trails

 Figure 2. Map of Playground Service Areas in the Garibaldi Estates, from the 2012 District of Squamish Parks and Recreation Master Plan.